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Pour toute information concernant les tests génétiques et les formulaires de demande d'examen, merci de contacter Civita Di Filippo (civita.difilippo@muhc.mcgill.ca) ou Katalin Racz ( katalin.racz@muhc.mcgill.ca).

For information about genetic tests and requisition forms, please contact Civita Di Filippo (civita.difilippo@muhc.mcgill.ca) or Katalin Racz ( katalin.racz@muhc.mcgill.ca).

Fax:  (514)  412-4297
2300 Tupper Street, Room A-718
Montréal, Québec, H3H 1P3


Laboratory Director: Andréa Frota Ruchon., MD, Ph.D., FABMG, FCCMG
Associate Directors: Isabelle De Bie, MD, PhD., FRCPC, FCCMG
Ron Agatep, PhD., FCCMG
Manager: Anna Pizzi
Administrative Officer: Civita Di Filippo
Technologists: Xin Zhang, Ph.D.
Tak Lee, B.Sc.
Annie Giasson, B.Sc.
Wafaa Chebaro, M.Sc
Web site created by: Manyphong Phommarinh
Web Master: Yongnian Mao

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday, 8h00-16h00.


Consultation with a CCMG certified individual is available for health care providers (no patient consultation). Additional information on laboratory procedures, available tests, specimen requirements, and interpretation of results may be obtained by telephoning the DNA Diagnostic Laboratory at the numbers above.


The laboratory directors are certified in Clinical Molecular Genetics specialty by the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists.


The molecular genetics laboratory at the Montreal Children’s Hospital operates in compliance with the CCMG guidelines.
The laboratory is inspected and accredited by the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists both for Services and Training in the Clinical Molecular Genetics specialty as part of the McGill University Health Centre (effective from 2004 to 2009). The laboratory is also accredited by CLIA (Certificate of Compliance #99D1042152, effective from 06/07/2007 to 06/06/2011) and CCHSA.
The laboratory participates in external proficiency testing program, the results of which are available to health care providers upon request.